How We Trouble God! (Gen 34:25-31)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 14 Jun 2020

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Sermon notes taken by:

Eunice Low

In Genesis 34:25-31, there is no reference of God being troubled. But when we sin against God, we trouble Him. The sin of Jacob’s sons is a sin against God. We will see how their sins troubled and offended God.

1.  They troubled God with their deceitful vengeance (Gen 34:25-29)

The sons of Jacob killed Hamor, Shechem and all the males of the city, and took Dinah out of Shechem’s house. Then they robbed the city, and took the women and children as captives because they had defiled their sister” (Gen 34:27). This is a sin of vengeance, a sin of uncontrolled anger. And they tried to justify their vengeance. This is displeasing to God and troubled God. Do we display our vengeance of anger and bitterness through our words and actions?

2.  Jacob troubled God by being concerned for his own name (Gen 34:30)

Jacob only thought of his own name. He was more afraid that his name would be tarnished by what his sons had done, then of the consequences of their deeds. Sins have consequences. But if a person is only afraid of the consequences of sin, he is not truly repentant. He will try to make sure that his sin is not found out, and therefore he will not have to face the consequences of his sin. We must have true repentance. We must be willing to bear the consequences of our sins. We must see that our sins trouble God and His name. Jacob cared more for his own name than the name of God. This shows the selfishness and pride of man.

3.  They troubled God by not dealing with sin (Gen 34:31)

Jacob did not deal with Shechem for his sin against Dinah. Jacob also did not deal with his sons for the sins they committed. The question raised by Jacob’s sons in Genesis 34:31 shows that Jacob had lost his authority. Jacob should have been more firm in seeking for justice for the crime that was committed against his daughter. But here we see the trouble of keeping quiet and not dealing with sin. We trouble God not only by the sin we commit against Him, we also trouble Him when we fail to deal with our sins. Let us learn to deal with sin and not trouble God. When our brethren sin against God, we must help them deal with their sins.

Realize that sin is an offense against God. But thank God there is forgiveness and restoration through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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