Truth Young Adults' Fellowship

We thank God for providing the young adults of Truth BPC the opportunity to gather and meet, and fellowship. We have the wonderful blessings of receiving God’s Word at every meeting to build us up in the most holy faith, that we may learn to walk closer with Jesus, and that we may serve Him more.

The objectives of the Fellowship are:
1.  To lead young adults to a personal experience of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord;
2.  To edify Christians through the study of God's Word;
3.  To provide young adults with a good understanding of the Scriptures and a place where attitudes are purified, lives renewed and faith strengthened;
4.  To encourage and help young adults to be good witnesses in their daily Christian living and soul winners for Christ;
5.  To strengthen mutual fellowship and encourage unity among individuals in the Fellowship;
6.  To support and participate actively in all activities of the church.

We welcome anyone from the age of 21 to 35 to come and join us.

Theme for 2018: "Knowing God's Word"
Theme Verse: 2 Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

2018’s Objectives:
1.    To know God's word in our head (from an overview of the book of Joshua to Song of Solomon)
2.    To know God's word in our heart (to apply God's word in our lives)
3.    To know God's word in its fullness (learn the whole counsel of God)

Venue: Room 03-07, Calvary Pandan BPC
Time: 6 to 7 pm (YAF Bible Study); 7 to 9 pm (YAF meeting)
Days: Every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month (unless otherwise rescheduled); 4th Saturday Church BS

The YAF also has a bi-annual publication “Water Brooks” which deals with spiritual issues for the education, edification and encouragement of its members.

Water Brooks
Volume 12 Issue 2
Volume 11 Issue 1 
Volume 10 Issue 1 
Volume 9 Issue 1 
Volume 7 Issue 1 
Volume 6 Issue 2
Volume 2 Issue 3
Volume 2 Issue 2
Volume 2 Issue 1
Contact person: Dn Franco Wong
Email: francowpg@yahoo.com

30 Nov YAF AGM & Elections
- Dn Franco Wong
22 Nov(Fri, 8 pm) Cottage meeting @ Miss Jocelyn Yong's home
- (i/c: Jocelyn Yong)
16 Nov Combined YF-YAF Meeting: "Daniel" (Part 1)
(Venue: L3 Sanctuary)
- Pr Joshua Yong
02 Nov "Ezekiel" (Part 4)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
25 Oct (Fri, 8 pm) Cottage meeting @ home of Mr & Mrs Samuel Seah
- (i/c: Samuel Seah)
19 Oct "Ezekiel" (Part 3)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
05 Oct "Ezekiel" (Part 2)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
27 Sep (Fri, 8 pm) Cottage meeting @ home of Mr & Mrs Hung Chao Wei
- (i/c: Chao Wei)
21 Sep Combined YAF-AF Meeting - "Ezekiel" (Part 1)
(Venue: Room 02-03)

- Dr Jose Lagapa
07 Sep Lamentations
- Dr Jose Lagapa
17 Aug Jeremiah (Part 4)
- Samuel Joseph
03 Aug Jeremiah (Part 3)
- Samuel Joseph
26 Jul (Fri, 8 pm) Cottage meeting @ home of Joanne & Joan Loo
20 Jul Jeremiah (Part 2)
- Samuel Joseph
06 Jul Jeremiah (Part 1)
- Samuel Joseph
15 Jun Isaiah (Part 4)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
01 Jun Isaiah (Part 3)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
24 May(Fri), 8pm Cottage meeting @ home of Mr & Mrs Hung Chao Wei
- (i/c: Chao Wei)
18 May Isaiah (Part 2)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
04 May Isaiah (Part 1)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
26 Apr (Fri), 8pm Cottage meeting @ Joanne Loo's home
- (i/c: Joanne)
20 Apr Song of Solomon
- Pr Joshua Yong
06 Apr Proverbs (Part 2)
- Pr Joshua Yong
22-24 Mar (Fri to Sun)
- Rev Clement Chew
16 Mar (5.30 pm) YF-YAF Combined Outing (Venue: Toh Guan Park)
- (to be confirmed)
02 Mar Proverbs (Part 1)
- Pr Ko Lingkang
22 Feb (Fri, 8 pm) Cottage meeting @ Ho Xiao Wei's home
- (i/c Ho Xiao Wei)
16 Feb CNY Visitation
- (i/c Hung Chao Wei)
02 Feb Job (Part 2)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
25 Jan (Fri, 8 pm) Cottage meeting @ home of Dn & Mrs Franco Wong
- Dn Franco Wong
19 Jan Job (Part 1)
- Dr Jose Lagapa
05 Jan YAF Anniversary
- Rev Dennis Kwok
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