Team Barnabas

Team Barnabas

Barnabas was a leader in the early Christian church. His name means ‘Son of Encouragement.’ He is first mentioned in the book of Acts, for his outstanding example of generosity when he sold his field and gave the money to the apostles to distribute to those in need (Acts 4:32-37).

Barnabas was also the one who recommended the great apostle Paul to the Christian community. Paul, who was originally Saul of Tarsus, had been known for persecuting and killing Christians. It is understandable why many Christians are suspicious of his motives after his radical conversion experience and became a preacher of the gospel. It was Barnabas who stood by him and introduced him to the apostles in Jerusalem (Acts 9:27).

Barnabas was no respecter of persons. He stood up against Paul in defense of a young disciple, John Mark, who had left them halfway in their first missionary journey. Paul was not willing to give John Mark a second chance. But Barnabas thought differently from Paul. He insisted on bringing John Mark along. In the end, Paul and Barnabas went separate ways, with Barnabas taking John Mark under his wing. Later on, John Mark proved himself to be profitable to the Lord’s ministry. And Paul acknowledged that in his epistle (2 Tim 4:11).

Barnabas truly lived up to his name – a son of encouragement. Will you be a Barnabas for God’s sake? Team Barnabas is started for such a cause of encouragement. And we want especially to fellowship with and to encourage the elderly, sickly and those in the non-working community. We meet every Thursday (except public holidays) from 3 to 4 pm. The venue is not fixed. It may be in a member’s home, around a hospital bed, or out in an open field. Pl see table below for the specific venue.

There will always be someone in need of your encouragement. Will you be part of our team? If you need transport, please contact Karen Lee.

May God bless Team Barnabas. Amen.

2019 Meetings
Date Venue
26 Sep Home of Mrs Helen Lee
19 Sep Home of Mdm Lim Giok
12 Sep (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
05 Sep Home of Mr Jeffrey Ong
29 Aug Home of Mdm Foo Thai
22 Aug (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
15 Aug Home of Mr & Mrs Alan Tam
08 Aug (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
01 Aug Home of Mr Jeffrey Ong
25 Jul Home of Mdm Foo Thai
18 Jul Home of Mdm Lim Giok (Tey Choon Kee's mum)
11 Jul (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
04 Jul Home of Jeffrey Ong
27 Jun Home of Mdm Foo Thai
20 Jun -- No meeting (in view of Church Camp) --
13 Jun (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
06 Jun (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
30 May Home of Mdm Lim Giok (Tey Choon Kee's mum)
23 May Home of Mr Jeffrey Ong
16 May Home of Mdm Foo Thai
09 May (2 pm) Home of Mr & Mrs Eric Toh
Followed by outing to Lakeside Gardens
02 May (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
25 Apr Home of Mdm Foo Thai
18 Apr Home of Mr Jeffrey Ong
11 Apr (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
04 Apr (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
28 Mar Home of Mdm Foo Thai
18-20 Mar
(Mon to Wed)
5th Retreat: "Drawing Nearer to God" (Psa 73)
Venue: Homestay, Malacca, Malaysia
14 Mar 11th Anniversary: "Praising God's Name" (Psa 8)
Venue: home of Rev & Mrs Dennis Kwok
07 Mar Home of Mr Jeffrey Ong
28 Feb Home of Mdm Foo Thai
21 Feb Home of Mdm Lim Giok (Tey Choon Kee's mum)
14 Feb Home of Mr Jeffrey Ong
07 Feb Home of Mr & Mrs Goh (Mrs Kwok Yee Min's parents)
31 Jan (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)
24 Jan Home of Mr & Mrs Eric Toh
17 Jan (New Year Outing)
10 Jan Home of Mr Jeffrey Ong
03 Jan (Calvary Pandan, Room 03-05)

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