Personal Data Protection Policy

Truth BP Church
Personal Data Protection Policy


Truth BPC shall, in the course of her day-to-day functioning, collect, process, and disclose personal data in such a way as to adhere to the requirements of the PDPA. We are committed to protecting the personal data you provide us. We have a policy in place to preserve and protect the personal data that we request from you and which you provide to us. We respect your personal data and will endeavor to keep it safe. We will maintain your personal data accurately and keep it secured from unwarranted disclosure.

This policy sets out how Truth BPC will use and protect the personal data that you provide to us.

Purpose of personal data collection

a.Your personal data will be collected and maintained in pursuant of our Church Constitution para 11.11.1 which requires us to keep an “up-to-date Register of Members with full particulars of name, address, date and place of birth, baptism, reaffirmation of faith, transfer, marriage, death or dismissal.”
b.Your personal data will be used to maintain regular communication with you. Examples:
i    to disseminate information regarding the church programme and activities to you in a timely and useful manner,
ii   to check if we can be of any assistance to you.
c.We can analyse personal data to facilitate planning of church activities and/or any form of assistance that will be suitable for you.
d.We may use the necessary personal data to facilitate the carrying out of church activities and/or the provision of assistance to you.
e.Your personal data may be used for any regulatory reporting and compliance (eg: church annual reports, etc).

Care of personal data

a.Truth BPC will exercise utmost care and protection of the personal data that are in our possession.
b.Only authorized personnel within Truth BPC will be able to access the personal data you provide to us.
c.Your personal data will only be used and disclosed to the people they are intended for.
d.All personal data will be updated and will remain in our possession as required by our Church Constitution para 11.11.1 for purpose of historical record, follow-up, future reference and verification.

How to contact us

If you need to check or make correction to your personal data that are held by us, or have any questions or feedback regarding Truth BPC Personal Data Policy, you can contact:

Data Protection Officer
Truth BP Church
201, Pandan Gardens, #03-11
Singapore 609337
Tel: 65665519
Fax: 65665509
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