Pastoral Letter 15 Jul 2018

What is heaven like? Many (including some Christians) prefer to have their own ideas about what heaven is like. But this wonderful place is not based upon our thinking and imaginations. Revelation 21:9-23 describes to us the New Jerusalem (the heavenly city), which is the eternal dwelling place for all the saved of all ages. It is described as being “foursquare … twelve thousand furlongs …” (Rev 21:16) long, wide, and high. Translated into our present dimensions, that would be almost 1,500 miles wide, long, and high. It is also noted that this city travels through space, for Apostle John in his heavenly vision saw it "coming down from God out of heaven" (Rev 21:2).

What will we find in heaven? Exquisite beauty and priceless wealth (Rev 21:11, 21), people and angels (Rev 5:11; 19:1), the river of life and the tree of life (Rev 22:1-2), the Lamb's book of life (Rev 20:15), and of course the most important of all is the presence of God (Col 2:9; Rev 21:3).

What will not be found in heaven? Sorrow (Rev 21:4), death (Rev 21:4), boredom (Rev 21:5), thirst (Rev 21:6), temple (Rev 21:22), sun and moon (Rev 21:23-24), fear (Rev 21:25), night (Rev 21:25), sin (Rev 21:27), impurity (Rev 22:1), sickness (Rev 22:2), curse (Rev 22:3), laziness (Rev 22:3-5). And it is certain that Satan and all his demons, and all unbelievers since the beginning of time until the end, will not be found in heaven. For them, their eternal home will be in the lake of everlasting fire.

The certainty of where we will be after death is too important for us to ignore. This is because the soul of man lives forever. Therefore, we must be very concerned about our eternal abode. Where will you be for eternity? In heaven? Or in hell? If you do nothing about your sin and choose not to believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is certain you will be condemned to hell. But if you come and believe in Jesus Christ, who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6), you will be saved and heaven will be your eternal home. Only Jesus can wash away our sins as white as snow. Only Jesus can make us fit for heaven. As we enter heaven’s door, we enter with His garment of righteousness. Isn’t it wonderful to be found in heaven and be with God for eternity? Thank God if you are on your way there. Unfortunately, many are not. It is high time that you and I take up our responsibility to witness for Christ in these last days for the saving of souls, wherever God has put us: at home, in school, at work, in church, in our missions field, etc. May we be found faithful witnesses for Christ. May God help us. Amen.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Dennis Kwok

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