Combined Youth Conference

14th Combined Youth Conference 2018

Theme: "To Live is Christ"
Theme Verse: Philippians 1:21
Speaker: Rev Das Koshy
Dates: 20-23 June 2018 (Wednesday to Saturday)
Venue: Calvary Pandan B-P Church
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by Hazel Chew

The 14th Combined Youth Conference (CYC) was held from 20th to 23rd June 2018 (Wed to Sat) at Calvary Pandan BPC. A total of about 60 campers attended this Conference. The theme for this year’s Conference was “To Live is Christ,” based on Philippians 1:21. Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy, our main Conference speaker, delivered 8 messages. Below is a summary of what we have learnt:

1) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Meaning (Phil 1:21)
We do not have a life meant for anything or anyone other than for Christ. Christ must be glorified and His will fulfilled in all aspects of our lives.

2) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Motivation (Phil 1:21)
The fact that Christ is with us should lead us to be happy, even in the midst of sufferings. If we are motivated by Christ in our life, we will be motivated by that Christ in our death.

3) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Reasons (Phil 1:20-21)
We can make such a resolute statement as “To me to live is Christ” only when we believe that God has something for us to do in whatever circumstances we are in. We must be bold and confident in the Lord even in sufferings and expect Christ to be glorified in everything.

4) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Necessity (Phil 1:20-26)
We are reminded that God gave us everything that we may be profitable to the body of Christ. Therefore, we must ask ourselves: “How can I be of use to the Lord?”

5) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Extent (Phil 1:20-26)
A Christian life is not a vocation. It is for ever. We must be like Christ in all aspects of our lives and totally surrender our self to Him.

6) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Goals (Phil 1:20-26)
We must count all things but lost for Christ-likeness. We must pursue this intimate relationship we have with Christ daily by searching our hearts, setting aside things that have no value and following Christ with all our heart.

7) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Impact (Phil 1:20-26)
If we live for Christ, we will certainly contribute to the furtherance of the gospel. We will also rejoice in all circumstances.

8) “To me to live is Christ”: Its Blessings (Phil 1:20-26)
One who lives for Christ will be a soul winner. A life lived for Christ will be used to edify the believers. Moreover, we will be strengthened and encouraged by Christ’s presence.

For the 2 morning devotions, Bro Shobastian spoke to us on “Why should I be Holy?”(1 Pet 1:15-16, Rom 6:14, Heb 12:14) and “How can I be Holy?”(Rom 8:13, Col 3:5, Rom 6:19). Bro Samuel Joseph, who was our workshop speaker, spoke on the topic “My entertainment: Does it glorify God?”.

On Thursday afternoon, we went door-to-door evangelism. We thank God for the many opportunities to share the gospel and we pray that the gospel seed sown will work in the people’s hearts.

On the last day of the Conference, we had testimony night where many shared the lessons they have learnt as well as the struggles they face in living their lives for Christ.

As a whole, we thank God for the smooth running of the Conference, for a blessed time of studying God’s Word and for the fellowship we can have with like-minded brethren. May we truly resolve that “To me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” May God continue to use the CYC to build up more youths in the faith in the years to come.

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