Look and See (Exod 6:1-13)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 13 Mar 2022

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Sermon notes taken by:

Haw Yew Nyen

Men’s hopes, more often than not, are based on the situation. When the situation is favourable or improving, they will be optimistic and hopeful. When they face trials or difficulties, they will be pessimistic and worry. As Christians, we are to put our hope in our LORD. Being hopeful in the LORD is not taking our mind away from the difficulties that we are facing, but rather, to shift our focus to God in such situations so as to have the godly perspective towards those difficulties. There are 3 areas in which we are to look and see to have this godly perspective.

  • Look and see who God is (Exod 6:1-5)

After Pharaoh rejected Moses’ request to let the children of Israel go, God reassured Moses that He is the God Almighty (El Shaddai), who is all powerful. As the Creator of heaven and earth, God is above all things, including men. Therefore, we must never limit the power and the control that God has in this world. As JEHOVAH, the covenant-keeping God, He will keep all His promises. God heard the cries of the children of Israel in Egypt. He cared for His people and would fulfill His promise to Abraham. He would lead them out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. We must not diminish the goodness of our God. He knows the troubles and difficulties that we face in our lives and will grant us His all-sufficient grace to see us through our difficult times. We must look and see the fullness of God in His power, goodness and faithfulness.

  • Look and see how God fulfills His promises (Exod 6:6-9)

After reassuring Moses of who He was, God then revealed to Moses what He would do to fulfill His promise in bringing the children of Israel into the Promised Land. It is only through God’s working that His promises will be fulfilled. God is faithful and will fulfill His promises according to His appointed time and sovereign will. We must put our faith and trust in Him that He will fulfill His promises in His Word. We must also not forget that the blessings we enjoy come from God as He fulfills His promises.

  • Look and see what God had commanded us to do (Exod 6:10-13)

Having been assured that God would fulfill His promises, God then gave Moses and Aaron the charge to bring the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. We must do what God instructs us to do in His Word. We must obey and not let our circumstances (eg: opposition, troubles, etc.) stop or delay us from obeying God.

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