Last updated on 08 Sep 2023

Worship Service
1:30 pmPre-Service Prayer Meeting
2:00 pmWorship Service
Worship LeaderDn F Wong
SpeakerPr Joshua Yong
MessageKeep the Appointed Days (Exod 23:10-19)
Lord's Day Activities
UshersJoe (IC), Justin, Dn Anthony, Martin, Dn Ben, Kai Leong
Pianist/OrganistPr David/Karen Haw
SingspirationEld Winston
Mandarin TranslatorYirong
Sermon NotetakerYew Nyen
BBKLesson 10: "The Holy Spirit"
Adult Sunday SchoolLesson 10: "Seek God First!"
Church Choir5 pm, L3 Sanctuary
Junior Choir5 pm, Room 03-08
UshersJoe (IC), Choon Leong, Samuel, Chin Cheong, Dn Franco, Shuen Siang
Pianist/OrganistYih Lynn/Hadassah
SingspirationDn Alan
Mandarin TranslatorSerene
Sermon NotetakerSara
BBKLesson 11: "Baptism"
Adult Sunday SchoolLesson 11: "Judging"
Church Choir5 pm, L3 Sanctuary
Junior Choir5 pm, Room 03-08
Activities For The Week
8.00 pm
Prayer Worship (L3 Sanctuary)
“Relying on the Arm of the LORD”
(2 Chron 14:9-15)
Dn Franco Wong
(Pianist: En-Si)
3.00 pm
Team Barnabas (also via Zoom)
Venue: Mdm Chan May Ling’s home
Contact: Karen Lee
Rev Dennis Kwok
3.30 pm
Children’s Fellowship (Room 01-05)
“The Source of Wisdom”
Contact: Ng Boon Choo
Ng Boon Choo/
Rev Dennis Kwok
7.00 pm
Youth Fellowship (Room 02-03)
“God Loves the Tender and Humble Heart” (2 Kings 22)
Contact: Dn Emerson Ang
Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo
7.00 pm
Young Adults’ Fellowship (Room 03-07)
“Ecclesiastes (11): A Life of Diligence”
Contact: Dn Franco Wong
Pr Joshua Yong
7.30 pm
Adults’ Fellowship (L3 Sanctuary)
“Established in the Present Truth” (2 Pet 1:12-15)
Contact: Dn Ben Yeo
Rev Clement Chew
News & Announcements
EBand Tracting (17 Sep, 10 am): Meet at Blk 304, Clementi Ave 4. Come and join this vital ministry! Contact: Dn Franco Wong
Church Bible Study Worship (23 Sep, Sat, 7.30 pm, L3 Sanctuary):
Lesson 7: “Walk as Children of Light” Speaker: Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
(Children’s BS in Rm 03-07, Teacher: Pr David Chew)
Family Worship (29 Sep, Fri, 8 pm): Venue: Eunice Low’s home
Topic: “Lessons from the Locusts - Unity in Purpose” (Prov 30:24-28)
Speaker: Dn Emerson Ang Contact: Carol Lee
Refreshment Coordinator: Mrs Audrey Tam
Memory Verse For The Week
Psalm 19:10-11
“More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold:sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.Moreover by them is thy servant warned:and in keeping of them there is great reward.”

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