Last updated on 10 Feb 2024

Worship Service
1:30 pmPre-Service Prayer Meeting
2:00 pmWorship Service
Worship LeaderDn Alan Tam
SpeakerPr Joshua Yong
MessageGarments of Glory and Beauty
(Exod 28:1-14)
Lord's Day Activities
UshersJoe (IC), Justin, Dn Anthony, Ernest, Dn Ben, Kai Leong
Pianist/OrganistPr David/Joanna
SingspirationDn Emerson
Mandarin TranslatorYirong
Sermon NotetakerHui Jen
BBKNo class (in view of CNY)
Adult Sunday SchoolNo class (in view of CNY)
Church ChoirPractice will resume on further notice
Junior ChoirPractice will resume on 03 Mar 24
UshersJoe (IC), Choon Leong, Samuel, Chin Cheong, Dn Franco, Shuen Siang
SingspirationPr David
Mandarin TranslatorSara
Sermon NotetakerAudrey
BBKLesson 5: "Jesus Christ: His Life and Death"
Adult Sunday SchoolLesson 5: "Know the Doctrinal Distinctives (2): Pre-Millennialism"
Church ChoirPractice will resume on 25 Feb 24
Junior ChoirPractice will resume on 03 Mar 24
Activities For The Week
8.00 pm
Prayer Meeting (L3 Sanctuary)
“The Importance of Obeying God’s Word”
(1 Kings 20:31-43)
Dn Franco Wong
(Pianist: Hadassah)
3.00 pm
Team Barnabas (also via Zoom)
@ Mdm Chan May Ling’s home
Contact: Karen Lee
Rev Dennis Kwok
3.30 pm
Children’s Fellowship (Room 01-05)
“Children of Light” (Eph 5:8)
Contact: Ng Boon Choo
Mrs Liz Yeo/
Dn Franco Wong
5.30 pm
Youth Fellowship (Room 02-03)
“Life of Christ (6)”
Contact: Dn Emerson Ang
Pr David Chew
7.00 pm
YAF CNY Visitation
Venue: Home of Mr & Mrs Wilson Low
Contact: Dn Franco Wong
Rev Dennis Kwok
7.30 pm
Adults’ Fellowship (L3 Sanctuary)
“Scoffers in the Last Days” (2 Pet 3:1-9)
Contact: Dn Ben Yeo
Rev Samuel Joseph
News & Announcements
No Junior Sunday School on 11 Feb in view of CNY.
EBand Tracting (18 Feb, 10 am): Meet at Blk 304, Clementi Ave 4. Come and join this vital ministry! Contact: Dn Franco Wong
Missions Trip to Cambodia (Kampot, 22 to 26 Mar 2024):
Purpose: True Faith 12th Anniversary and Youth Seminar
Cost: $600 per head. Contact: Rev Dennis Kwok latest by 10 Mar (Sun).
Annual Congregational Meeting (13 Apr, Sat, 7:30 pm, L3 Sanctuary):

Attendance is compulsory for all Truth members.

Members are to note Constitution Article 18.3.8: “Any voting member who wishes to place an item on the agenda of a Congregational Meeting may do so provided he gives written notice to the Clerk of Session ten (10) days before the meeting is due to be held.”

Proposed items (if any) are to be submitted to Dn Alan Tam (Clerk of Session) latest by 3 Apr 2024 (Wed, 11:59 pm) for BOE’s screening and confirmation. May all members be in much prayer, that God will bless our every endeavour for His Kingdom.
Cambodia Vehicle Fund: The TMS has helped to purchase a vehicle for Pr Tan Bun Kouy to facilitate his ministry in the villages, and for the safety of his family when travelling. The cost of the vehicle is about $38,000. If the Lord moves you to give, please designate the offering to ""Cambodia Vehicle Fund”.

Collection to date: $25,750
Memory Verse For The Week
Psalm 90:17
“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.”

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