Last updated on 11 Mar 2023

Worship Service
1:30 pmPre-Service Prayer Meeting
2:00 pmWorship Service
Worship LeaderDn F Wong
SpeakerPr Joshua Yong
MessageI Bear You on Eagles’ Wings (Exod 19:1-9)
Lord's Day Activities
UshersJoe (IC), Justin, Anthony, Martin, Dn Ben, Kai Leong
Pianist/OrganistPr David/Karen Haw
SingspirationEld Winston
Mandarin TranslatorYirong
Sermon NotetakerYew Nyen
BBKLesson 9: "Assurance of Salvation"
Adult Sunday SchoolLesson 9: "Biblical Love - Biblical definition of love and its objects"
Church Choir5 pm, L3 Sanctuary
Junior Choir5 pm, Room 03-08
UshersJoe (IC), Choon Leong, Samuel, Chin Cheong, Dn Franco, Shuen Siang
Pianist/OrganistYih Lynn/Joanna
Mandarin TranslatorSerene
Sermon NotetakerTina Wong
BBKLesson 10: "The Holy Spirit"
Adult Sunday SchoolLesson 10: "Types of Self-Love in the Bible (Part 1)"
Church Choir5 pm, L3 Sanctuary
Junior Choir5 pm, Room 03-08
Activities For The Week
Wednesday to Thursday
Young Teens cum Junior Retreat
“Ask for the Old Pathsand Walk Therein”
Check-in: 8.30 am in Room 02-03
Contact: Ng Boon Choo
8.00 pm
Prayer Worship (L3 Sanctuary)
“Vanity of Man’s Works”
(1 Kings 7:1-12; Eccles 2:4-11)

Thursday to Saturday
Team Barnabas Retreat in Malacca
Contact: Rev Dennis Kwok
Thursday to Saturday
YAF Retreat @ Changi Fairypoint Chalet
“The Lordship of Christ in our Salvation”
Contact: Dn Franco Wong
6.00 pm
YF Outing @ Marina Barrage
""Strength Renewed” (Isa 40:31)
Contact: Dn Emerson Ang
7.30 pm
Adults’ Fellowship (L3 Sanctuary)
“Be Prepared: The Parable of the Talents” (Matt 25:14-30)
Contact: Dn Ben Yeo
News & Announcements
Junior Sunday School Open Sunday (12 Mar): All children, pl meet immediately after Worship Service in Room 02-03.
EBand Tracting (19 Mar, 10 am): Come and join this vital ministry! Contact: Dn Franco Wong
Church ACM and Election of Session (1 Apr, Sat, 7.30 pm, L3 Sanctuary):
Attendance is compulsory for all Truth members. Do pray and come.

Important dates to note:
Announcement of candidates:19 Mar
Deadline for members to submit proposed agenda items: 22 Mar (Wed), 2359hrs
Church Bible Camp (12 to 17 Jun, The Saujana Hotel, KL):
Theme: “A More Sure Word of Prophecy” Speaker: Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy
Pray and plan to come for a time of spiritual refreshment and fellowship.
Book your leave early!
Camp publicity: 12 Mar, after Worship in L3 Sanctuary.
Memory Verse For The Week
Exodus 19:4-6a
“Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings,and brought you unto myself. Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed,and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation...”

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