Beware of Vain Words (Eph 5:6-7)
Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew
Date: 17 Jan 2021

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Sermon notes taken by:

Mrs Joanna Hung

Vain words mean “empty words,” eg: scams, empty promises, etc. Empty words have a power to appeal because of people’s greed. Paul advised his readers to stop doing what they were doing with vain words as it might cause loss of one’s time. It can also cost one’s eternity in heaven if one is a Christian believing in the wrong gospel. Thus, vain words can be deadly.

1.  Beware of the deadliness of vain words (Eph 5:6a)

The source of vain words is the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The Bible emphasizes that we are not to let man deceive us. The source of vain words is important. The devil will send false pastors and preachers to deceive Christians in areas of doctrine. People tend to lower their guard when these false pastors and preachers come from conservative Christian churches and Bible colleges. The devil knows that we are socially orientated. The potency of vain words depends on the source. Loved ones and family have a strong pull on our entire being.

2.  Know the consequence of vain words (Eph 5:6b)

The wrath of God will come upon the children of disobedience (i.e. unbelievers). A truly born-again believer who knows the consequences of vain words will avoid them. Our eternity is at stake. The difference is between heaven and hell. Those who are closest to us are the ones we must be most careful of. Always remember the consequence of our actions on others. We bear the image of Christ.

Vanity of words includes not only doctrines, but also gossips and slanders. We must take heed not to be used by the devil as his instruments to speak vain words.

3.  Do not be in partnership with those in transgression (Eph 5:7)

The Bible warns us not to be partakers with those in transgression; otherwise, we will be deceived by vain words. We must apologize and repent if we had partook in their transgression in the past. Our testimony for Jesus Christ is at stake and we must live our lives to reflect the image of God.

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