Interpretation Belongs to God (Gen 40:5-23)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 10 Jan 2021

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Sermon notes taken by:

Ben Yeo

God reveals His will to us through the completed Canon of Scripture today. No scripture is of man's own interpretation or opinion. God is the One who reveals His truth. Interpretation (i.e. to explain or to make clear) belongs to the Lord.

In Genesis 40:5-23, Joseph said that God is the One who will reveal His truths through visions and dreams. When Joseph was in prison, he met two other prisoners (a baker and a butler) by God's appointment. From this account, we can learn three lessons about God and His truth.

1.  God reveals His truth

(a) God's truth is clear and plain. In the past, one of the ways God revealed His truth was through visions and dreams. Today, it is through His Word, the Bible. Having known God's Word, will you obey it?

(b) God's Word is never confusing. It is not reserved for the educated only, but is for everyone, even those of low estate. Every born-again believer can understand God's Word because he has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

2.  God is true and faithful always

The Word of God contains words of grace and mercy, as well as words of judgment and condemnation. What is your response to the reading and preaching of God's Word? Do you doubt God's Word? The baker could have repented of his sin, but he did not. The butler quickly forgot about Joseph and God. Are we like that too? Have you forgotten that your success comes from God? We must be sensitive to the providential hand of God. God is true and faithful always.

3.  God's Word is true

All of God's prophecies will be fulfilled. The butler said he would remember Joseph, but he forgot. As for God, He kept His word. Joseph’s interpretation (as revealed to him by God) all came true (Gen 40:22). God is always true to His word. He keeps His promises. We must honour God for His faithfulness. Take heed of God's Word. There is blessing when we obey God’s Word.

Will you obey the truth that has been revealed to you?

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