The Provision of Salvation (Exod 12:1-28)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 10 Jul 2022

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Haw Shuen Siang

The chapters before Exodus 12, about the ten plagues in Egypt, were warnings of God’s judgment. In Exodus 12, the focus is no longer on judgment, but on salvation. Even in His wrath, God is still merciful. He provides the means of deliverance from His wrath: our Lord Jesus Christ. The instructions given by God in Exodus 12 gives us a picture of who Jesus is and what He would accomplish for our salvation.

  1. The Passover (Exod 12:1-14)

The Passover marks a change in the Jewish calendar, signifying a new beginning for Israel. Everyone in Israel must individually participate in the Passover. Salvation is personal, thus there must be individual participation. Just being born into a Christian family does not automatically make one saved. Jesus is our Passover, our sacrificial Lamb (1 Cor 5:7). He willingly became identified with sinners in order to die for us to save us from our sins. He shed His blood for us, just like the sacrificial lamb in the Passover. Bitter herbs reminded Israel of their lives as slaves in Egypt. Having received Jesus, we are no longer enslaved by sin. We are delivered from the bondage of sin and thus we must live a life that is pleasing to God.

  1. The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Exod 12:15-20)

Leaven is a corrupting agent. As Christians, we are not to have anything to do with sin. We must forsake the “leaven” in our life, and live our new life in Christ.

The children of Israel were called to assemble to partake of this feast. This emphasizes the importance of the gathering of fellow believers to worship and, together, to remember God’s goodness to us.

  1. Reiteration of the Passover with details added (Exod 12:21-28)

“Hyssop” (Exod 12:22) signifies the cleansing and purification of God’s chosen people. The Passover is to be carried out from generation to generation. When the younger generation asks about the significance of the Passover, the older generation is to explain to them. The celebration of the Passover is to remember God’s deliverance and provision for salvation. When a generation is faithful to God, the faith will be passed down to the next generation, that they may be faithful to God as well. Check ourselves. How do we worship God? How do we partake of the Lord’s Supper? How do we read the Bible? And pray? As we teach our children these things, they will also observe, ask, and learn. Covenantal blessings will come to our children in this manner.

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