Walk as Children of Light (Eph 5:8-9)
Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew
Date: 31 Jan 2021

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Sermon notes taken by:

Tina Wong

To “walk as children of light” in these last days is difficult because of its very nature. In Ephesians 5:8, “children of light” refer to true believers of Jesus Christ and “walk” means to live in a certain pattern of life. There are some who seek ecclesiastical unity, resort to carnality (i.e. preaching the health-and-wealth gospel) and believe in great superstitions (e.g. remain in the local church to be saved), etc, and they claim to be walking as “children of light,” when they are not “children of light.” What matters is the judgment of God’s Word.

1. We were darkness (Eph 5:8a)

Before we were born-again, we were not able to walk as “children of light.” The “darkness” in Ephesians 5:8a does not refer to the physical darkness of the environment, but that we were the darkness. One is in darkness if one is in false church which does not preach the truth of God’s Word. It involves the following:

  1. The darkened mind. One’s mind is dark when one is consumed with materialism and things of the flesh, e.g. when one’s focus in life is only on how to be the best for personal, selfish gains or benefits.
  1. The darkened heart. This is when one is fearful of sickness and death, telling filthy jokes, murmuring and complaining, never satisfied, etc. And the world will pander to all our carnality.
2. The contrast (Eph 5:8b)

In the past, we “were … darkness.” Now, we are “children of light.” The knowledge of God and Christ does not make one a believer. After hearing the gospel and is born-again, the believer must go on to know more of God’s Word and then “walk as children of light.” We must never stop walking as children of light because we are “light in the Lord.” Our mind is transformed and filled with the Word of God. We are no longer gripped by materialism, and our words are not controlled by the world, but we are now filled with love. Jesus Christ is now the most important person in our life.

3. Description of this walk (Eph 5:9)

The “fruit of the Spirit” is in the singular and includes “goodness and righteousness and truth” which are beneficial to others. As children of light, we do good for the benefit of others. We must impact others by pointing them to Jesus. Our lives must be characterised by righteousness, and bear the fruits of repentance. We are to tell the truth, and not lies for the devil is the father of lies. And we tell the truth with tact, at the right place and at right time.

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