Mind Your Mouth (Eph 4:29)
Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew
Date: 04 Oct 2020

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Haw Shuen Siang

A little spark can lead to a big fire that burns acres of land. This pictures the deadly nature of our tongue, as James 3:5 reveals. It is part of the sinful nature of man that he cannot stop spewing out careless words that are like the sparks that start great fires. Minding one’s mouth is not an option for believers. It is to be a characteristic of one who is born again.

1. One Controller (Eph 4:29a)
As we are born again in Christ, we can control our mouth. We must take responsibility for the words that come out of our mouth. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves if we have transgressed with our mouth, even if it was the result of provocation by others.

What is “corrupt communication”? It is more than just scolding vulgarities. It includes words that promote worldly thoughts and motivations. It includes words that cause others to be envious, that stir up covetousness in others, causing others to desire things of the world. Be careful also of what we post in social media. Anything we post that is worldly or ungodly is also corrupt communication.

2. One Source (Eph 4:29b)
Communication that comes out of our mouth must be good to the use of edifying,” i.e. that encourages others in their faith and walk with Christ. We can do that because as believers the source of our communication is a good heart that is born-again in Christ.

Words that are “good” are the Scripture, i.e. wisdom from the Bible. In order to help a sinner, we give him the good Word of the Gospel. When we have done wrong to others, we apologise and speak words that build up others, words that heal and mend broken relationships. Do not murmur and gossip. Do not criticise and put others down. Good words must first abound in our homes. Edify our family members. Parents must be good role models to their children in the use of words in their communication with one another.

3. One Benefit (Eph 4:29c)
Good words from our mouth can minister grace unto the hearers.” This is a God-given ministry to all believers. To be ministers of grace, our words must be characterised by grace. And we can be a blessing to those around us, even to our enemies. As we have experienced God’s grace, may others experience it too through us. May our words build up lives, and not tear down lives.

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