From Sin to Sin (Gen 37:28-36)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 13 Sep 2020

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Sermon notes taken by:

Tina Wong

When a person sins and does not repent, he is in a vicious cycle of sin. The Bible describes this as the bondage/slavery to sin. He is trapped in sin. The deceptive nature of sin is such that he thinks he has a choice to sin or not to sin when in fact he is a slave to sin, he has no choice but to sin. He is in the grip of sin, and is addicted to sin. Sin will simply drag him deeper and deeper into sin.

1.  Sin to solve a problem (Gen 37:27-28)

If you do not have Jesus Christ as the solution in dealing with sin, you will find another sin to replace sin. In the case of Joseph’s brothers, they continued to plot against Joseph. Genesis 37:27 tells us that they did not kill Joseph because they did not want to get their hands dirty, not because they had a conscience. In their anger and eagerness to get rid of Joseph, they sold him to the Midianite merchantmen for less than the price of a slave. We are no better. Maybe we try to hide or suppress our unforgiving spirit by taking our anger out on another person. This is the trap of the devil that makes us fall deeper and deeper into sin.

2.  Sin of deception and cover up (Gen 37:29-33)

When Reuben told his brothers that Joseph was not in the pit, they plotted to deceive their father that Joseph had been killed by wild beasts. They feigned ignorance in front of their father. They led their father to conclude by himself that Joseph had been killed by an evil beast (Gen 37:33). Deception is manipulative and subtle. 2 Samuel 11 (David’s sin with Bathsheba) is a classic example of how one sin leads to another sin. David’s sin of laziness (idleness) led to the lust of his eyes that led to the lust of his flesh and to murder. In 2 Samuel 11:4, the use of several “and” highlights the deliberateness of David’s steps.

3.  Sin of indifference (Gen 37:34-36)

Hiding your sin leads you to lose your sensitivity to sin. This speaks of the vicious cycle of sin. Joseph’s brothers became cold to their sin when they suppressed their conscience and ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

In today’s state of Christianity, sin is the norm. Believers lose their sensitivity to sin when they do not deal with their sin and repent. We must break this cycle of sin in the Lord Jesus Christ by repenting of our sins without delaying, arguing, reasoning or debating. We must bear the consequences of sin whatever they may be. Ask the Lord to forgive us of all our sins. God’s name is to be glorified and magnified. Only then can we continue to have the joy of salvation. Turn to the Saviour and the cycle of sin can be broken.

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