Unity in Calling (Gen 31:1-16)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 09 Feb 2020

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Sermon notes taken by:

Eunice Low

In Genesis 31:1-16, we saw how Jacob reacted to God’s calling, as God slowly unfolded His will for him. Jacob had worked for Laban for 20 years (Gen 31:38), and God’s calling for Jacob was to return to Canaan. Will he submit to the Lord’s calling? There must be a unity of hearts for Jacob, Leah and Rachel to obey God’s calling.

1. Remember God’s calling (Gen 31:1-3)

The Lord reminded Jacob of His promises to him in Bethel. As Laban and his sons realised that Jacob had outsmarted them, Laban’s attitude towards Jacob changed. Jacob realised that all these happened according to God’s will. Thus, the Lord reminded Jacob to return to Canaan.

The Lord also reminded Jacob that He had been with him the past 20 years (Gen 28:15). Our God is faithful even when we forget the promises we made to Him. When we consider God’s calling for us, we must remember God’s faithfulness. The Lord promises us that He will be with us always. Do we seek to obey His calling?

2. Recognise God’s calling (Gen 31:4-13)

God told Jacob that everything that occurred to him was God’s will for him. God allowed it, and He had been with him. Here we see Jacob’s testimony that (a) Laban was displeased with him, and (b) God is sovereign.

Even the testimony of Laban showed that God was with Jacob. The Lord reminded Jacob that He was still very near to him. We too must know and recognise that God is working in us even in the little things in our lives.

3. Respond to God’s calling (Gen 31:14-16)

Jacob then recognised who God was, and responded by preparing to obey God and return to Canaan. Whatever God told him, Jacob did. Jacob did not question as to why he had to return to Canaan. We too must respond like Jacob. When God calls, we obey. We must be willing to go simply because God says go.

What is God’s calling for you? Do you recognise His calling and remember His goodness to you? Are you ready to obey His calling?

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