Growing in Faith (Exod 8)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 08 May 2022

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Sermon notes taken by:

Haw Yew Nyen

Christians do not become “giants” in faith immediately after they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Upon salvation, the faith we possessed is in the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not yet fully matured. Our faith has to keep growing, and not remain stagnant. This growing of our faith is a process that will take time. In Exodus 8, Moses’ faith grew through the numerous plagues that God sent on the land of Egypt. There are 3 points we can learn from this account to help us grow in our faith.

  • Dependence on God’s Word

The basis of Moses’ faith was in what God said and not in the plagues or the responses of Pharaoh. He was to carry out the tasks which God had instructed him. His faith was strengthened because he was dependent on God’s words only, and he obeyed God. As Moses continued to do what God said, his faith in Him increased with each plague despite Pharaoh’s heart being hardened.

Similarly, our faith can only grow and be strengthened when we obey and apply God’s Word in our lives. We are to study and know God’s Word, and then to fully obey God. We must let Him have full control of our lives, and not still want to have some form of control of our lives. We are to keep trusting the Lord and to wait patiently for His will to slowly unfold in our lives.

  • Recognizing the hand of the LORD

Moses wanted Pharaoh to know and see that the plagues were from God and that only God had the power to start and end the plagues. Moses knew that God was the One who brought all things to come to pass according to His will. He knew that when he spoke to Pharaoh, it was with God’s authority.

Christians must be able to recognize and see that everything that is happening in our lives is from God or with His permission. We must see His hand working in our lives. We must know God personally through the study of His Word and we must have a close fellowship with God and walk with Him in order to see His hand working in every situation in our lives. Then will our faith grow in Him.

  • Demonstration of God’s power

As Moses’ faith grew after each plague and after witnessing the hand of God in each plague, his fears and worries lessened and he was able to speak to Pharaoh directly after the third plague instead of through Aaron. As our faith grows, our responses to situations will be different, and we will become more godly.

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