Do as the Lord has Commanded (Exod 7:8-25)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 24 Apr 2022

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Sermon notes taken by:

Anthony Cheng

A command is a forceful instruction that is to be obeyed. When God commands, His commands are always perfect and delightful. The command that God gave to Aaron and Moses (Exod 7:9) was crucial, and God was going to be with Moses every step of the way. If Moses followed the Lord’s command, God would give good success. In Exodus 7:8-25, we see three points about obeying God: 

  1. Authority of God (Exod 7:8-13). When Moses and Aaron did as God commanded, they had the authority of God. When Aaron cast his rod down before Pharaoh and his servants (Exod 7:10), it became a serpent. The rod represents the authority of God. It was not the miracle that was going to convict Pharoah’s heart, as God was going to harden Pharaoh’s heart.

The magicians of Egypt were also able to imitate and perform the same miracle, not by God’s authority, but by the devil’s power. The book of Revelation also foretells of a “beast” (Rev 13:11-13) who has power to do miracles, but it will not be by God’s Word, but by the work of the devil. We must remember that only God’s Word can give us the authority of God.

  1. Confidence in God (Exod 7:14-19). Obedience to God gave Aaron and Moses confidence in God. Moses only had to do what God had instructed him: to confront Pharoah (Exod 7:15). Our confidence must never be based on how a person would respond to us, neither is it based on our age, our wealth, or our years of service in a ministry, etc. If we depend on our own resources and be self-confident, and not do according to God’s Word, we will lose our confidence in God. Today, those who foolishly attack God’s Word are undermining their confidence in God. Moses did as the Lord had commanded him, and God’s judgment was on the Egyptians: the water turned into blood.

  2. Safety from God (Exod 7:20-25). There is safety when we do what the Lord commands. While God’s judgment was on Pharoah and the Egyptians (Exod 7:21), the children of God were not affected by God’s judgment.

When the message of the Cross is preached, there is judgment on those who do not believe, while those who believe receive salvation (1 Pet 2:7-8).

We must learn not to question God, but to do all that He commands. Only then will we have the authority of God, the confidence in God and the safety that comes from obeying God.

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