Works of Law vs. Faith (Gal 2:15-16)
Speaker: Rev Dr Quek SY
Date: 03 Apr 2022

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Haw Shuen Siang

In the Old Testament, the works of the law were ordained by God. They were sacraments God instituted from the times of Abraham and Moses. These works were good for men in their relation with God. The problem was when man twisted God’s Word and made these works of the law as part of what man must do in order to be saved. Even today, many are fooled by similar erroneous teachings about salvation. In Galatians 2:15-16, Paul explains that it is faith that saves, not the works of the law.

  1. Being Christians by “nature” (i.e. physical birth) does not save (Gal 2:15)

A person who is born into a Christian home may attend church from an early age. He may be taught much of the Bible, learnt how to pray, etc. But doing these externals alone cannot save him. Salvation requires a spiritual birth. Let us be aware of what we think about attending church. Beware when we begin to find worshipping God dull or boring, and we desire to go to false churches that endorse the carnal lifestyles that we prefer. Check our salvation.

  1. Doing works of the law does not save (Gal 2:16)

The Bible clearly teaches that it is impossible for man to work for his salvation. All are born in sin and we are unable to perfectly obey every single law of God in thought and in deed throughout our whole life. The works of the law include the works of the Christian faith (eg: baptism, partaking the Lord’s Supper). These works do not save. Be careful of false teachings that the sacraments are necessary for salvation.

  1. The faith of Jesus Christ saves (Gal 2:16)

The faith of Jesus Christ belongs to Jesus. It comes from Him. This means that He gives unbelievers the ability to believe in Him. The unbeliever needs to deny self and accept the faith of Jesus Christ, and that faith will be his. Every time we share the Gospel message with an unbeliever, we are offering the faith of Jesus Christ to him. The unbeliever, in accepting the faith of Jesus Christ, will have faith to believe. He will then confess his sins and receive Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Unbelievers cannot blame anyone except themselves if they choose not to receive the faith of Jesus Christ.

Do not mistake or turn the evidences of salvation into the means of salvation. When we stand before God, the faith of Jesus Christ (not the works of the law) will declare us righteous.

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