God Prepares His Servants (Exod 6:14-30)
Speaker: Pr Joshua Yong
Date: 27 Mar 2022

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Sermon notes taken by:

Dn Ben Yeo

God is the One who prepares us to serve Him as we walk with Him and submit to Him. He uses our experiences and character to prepare us, just as He led Moses and Aaron through certain experiences of life to get them ready to serve Him.

Exodus 6:14-30 contains the genealogy of Moses and Aaron, showing that God had specially chosen Moses and Aaron for certain work. Their genealogy also shows that God’s preparation of them began generations before they were born.

How does God prepare His people for His service?

  1. God prepares us deliberately

God chose Moses and Aaron deliberately from the line of Levi. God chose them specifically, individually and intricately. God also appointed them in “the fullness of time,” i.e. exactly, at the right time, when they were to serve Him. 

Likewise, we too are born in our generation, not by chance, but in the fullness of time. God’s purpose is for us to serve Him in certain areas, at a certain time. If God has chosen us deliberately to serve Him, we do not need to be afraid. He will enable us to fulfil our calling.

  1. God prepares us despite our failings

The lives of people in the genealogy were not perfect. God appoints whom He wills. We are not to judge a person based on his past, or his genealogy.

There were imperfections in Moses’ and Aaron’s genealogies. Amram (their father) married his aunt. Moses and Aaron were born out of this incestuous union (Exod 6:20), but God could still use Moses and Aaron for His glory. Likewise, God can prepare us and use us for His glory despite our imperfect past. This shows God’s grace and mercy.

  1. God prepares us by making us look unto Him

Moses continued to give excuses and not submit to God. But God was very patient with him. God wanted Moses to look to Him and not to himself or to Pharoah. Moses needed to recognize that his God was the almighty God.

Is God leading you to a difficult area of service? God has been preparing you for it. You must humble yourself and recognize God’s hand in preparing you, and trust that He will help you to fulfil His will. He will remain faithful.

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