Let God be Glorified in Us (Gal 1:18-24)
Speaker: Rev Dr Quek SY
Date: 06 Feb 2022

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Sermon notes taken by:

Haw Shuen Siang

To let God be glorified in us means to let Christ be seen in us. This can only take place when we have received Christ as our Saviour; and our lives are transformed in an unimaginable way. While we were in bondage of sin before salvation, now God works through us; and our entire life (our thoughts, words and actions) is changed completely. And others can see Christ in us.

Who need to see Christ in us?

  • Our fellow believers (Gal 1:18-20)

At first, many believers did not believe Paul’s conversion as he had been a great persecutor of the Church. God had to separate Paul’s salvation and calling as an Apostle, using Ananias as the instrument and the witness of Paul’s calling. Paul also cited Apostle Peter and James the brother of Jesus as his witnesses. Paul had to defend his Apostleship to the Galatian Christians, so that what he taught and wrote would be accepted by them. Only then could he minister to them with his spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts are given for the purpose of blessing other believers by building them up spiritually and maturing their faith. Thus, we must be very much manifesting the fruit of the Spirit that other believers can see Christ in us, and we can minister to them. Paul said in Galatians 4:24, “And they (Peter and James) glorified God in me.” Peter and James saw Christ in Paul, and thus they glorified God. Today, will God be glorified in us?

  • Our loved ones at home (Gal 1:21)

Our family members know our sinful lives before we were saved. Now that we are born-again, they must see our transformed life. Paul returned to the city he came from in order to undo his bad testimony. He needed to testify of the power of God by going back to those who knew him before his conversion. Likewise, our family and loved ones must see this transformation in us. It may be that our unsaved family and loved ones may be saved as they witness the change in us.

  • Those who know us through hearsay (Gal 1:22-23)

Many people had only heard about Paul but had not met nor seen him face to face. But his testimony spoke for itself as word carried from place to place, telling of the power of God’s saving grace. People who hear of such powerful life-transforming testimonies would thank and praise God and God’s name is glorified. This must also be our testimony, wherever God has placed us.

We are living in this age of the Internet where news travel fast, far and wide. What kind of name will we and our Church carry for Christ? Let it be one that honours and glorifies God.

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