O Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth (Ps 43)
Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew
Date: 03 Jan 2021

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Sermon notes taken by:

Mrs Sara Wong

In Psalm 43, a believer was pursued by Saul, the king of Israel. It is likely that the psalmist was David. David cried to God, “O send out thy light and thy truth.”“Light” refers to Christ and “truth” to God’s Word. He cried thus because he experienced King Saul’s unjust and heavy oppression. He left his family, fled from his own country, in order to stay alive. He wanted God to judge him. If he was wrong, then he deserved the sufferings. But if he was innocent, he asked God to deliver him. He cried out also because he wanted God to guide him. He felt so forsaken by God (Ps 43:2), but he still hoped in Him, asking the powerful God (Elohim) to save him. Like Job, David refused to deny God. Like Peter, he knew that God is the One living and true God (John 6:68). He asked for God’s light and truth to lead him to His holy hill and tabernacle (Ps 43:3). To him, his relationship with God was of utmost importance (Ps 43:4). In his fugitive years, he learnt to bear patiently and to pray which was vital for his spiritual, mental and emotional health (Ps 43:5). The only way not to be cast down or disquieted is to hope in God.

Do we have as strong a desire as David, to ask God to send out His light and His truth? Do we even want such? Do we have hidden sins, such that we do not want His light to shine upon us? Do we even pray for His guidance and direction in every aspect of our life? When we stray away from God do we seek to have His light and truth and to return to Him? Have we ourselves shone for Him, or are we indulging in our own carnality?

Jesus has ascended to heaven. No one will read the Word of God, except His children. We are that light and that truth, for Christ is in us. Will we ask God to send us to be His light and truth to the people around us, starting from our own home? To have the light and the truth, we must first believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Then, we must study God’s Word and live a holy life; and be the light and truth to the people around.

Truth BP Church is celebrating her 15th anniversary with thanksgiving. It is of the LORD’s mercy that we are not consumed. Have you been a diligent and faithful brother or sister-in-Christ to everyone in the church? We will not have much to give thanks to God for if we have not contributed to the church. If you have not been that light and truth in 2020 to someone in Truth BP Church and elsewhere, make sure you will be in this new year 2021.

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