The New Man Manifested (Eph 4:25-32)
Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew
Date: 30 Aug 2020

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Sermon notes taken by:

Ben Yeo

We are living in perilous times today. The world is in great confusion. It is a time of great wickedness and falling away from the faith. How can we know if we are truly born again?

Ephesians 4:25-32 describes the evidence of someone who is born again.

One evidence is that he will put away lying (Eph 4:25).

Telling lies is usually the first transgression children commit after they reach the age of accountability. Parents need to nip this in the bud (using the rod of correction) from a young age as they are more pliable then.

Our ability to put away lying is an act of God as we can only do it when we are transformed by God into a new creature, and He changed us from within. When the new man tells a lie, he will be vexed within his soul and will repent of his sin. Even King David, a man after God’s own heart, tried to cover up his sin with Bathsheba, but he repented after his sin was made known to him.

We have to continuously put lying away and always be speaking the truth. It should be second nature for a child of God to tell the truth always. God’s children must not practise situational ethics.

Christians must be tactful but truthful. Be wise and know the scriptures well so that you can share the truth with others at the correct time and place.

Confess your sin if you have lied. Replace lying with truthfulness. By the power of God, a believer can always tell the truth so that his conscience is clear.

Remember to cast lies away and consciously acknowledge the truth to one another because we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Be a truthful person. Your lies will surely be found out.

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