Baptismal Service (04 Jul 2021)

Timotheus Chua Song Qi (Reaffirmation of Faith)
I thank God for placing me in a Christian family. Since young, I have attended Truth Children's Fellowship, Junior Sunday School and currently the Youth Fellowship (YF). Despite growing up in church, I still often doubted God. Whenever I am in doubt, my mother always encourages me to pray and keep believing. During the pandemic, I become more serious in my walk with God, and I begin to see God working in my life: He saw me through my "O" levels, He led me to my present school. I thank God for my parents, the church and the YF for helping me to grow in the Lord. I am sure of my salvation. May God help me to be faithful.

Toh Yih Wei (Reaffirmation of Faith)
I thank God that I was born into a Christian family where I was taught God's Word from a young age. Growing up, my parents and teachers shared the gospel with me on multiple occasions and, by God's grace, I received Jesus by saying the sinner's prayer at the age of 5 with my mother. As I continued to grow and learn God's Word, I began to see more and more of God's hand working in my life. His Spirit convicts and leads me, and I pray that I will continue to grow in Him each day.
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