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Thirteen Combined Youth Conference 2017

Theme: "Am I fit for the Kingdom of God?" (Luke 9:62)
Date: 21st to 24th June 2017 (Wed to Sat)
Venue: Calvary Pandan B-P Church
Speaker: Dr Jose Lagapa
Registration opens: 30th April 2017
Fee: $30 (Full-time)
Contact: Ern Min (peckernmin@gmail.com)


by Tai Cae Ryn

The Combined Youth Conference (CYC) 2017 was held in Calvary Pandan BPC from the 21st to the 24th of June. The number of participants – both full-time and part-time – fluctuated on a day-to-day basis with an average of 45 to 50.

The Conference theme this year was “Am I Fit for the Kingdom of God?” with the theme verse taken from Luke 9:62. Our main speaker was Dr Jose Lagapa, who expounded from the Bible the following eight aspects:

(1) Am I suited? (Luke 9:57-62)
(2) Am I saved? (John 3:1-21)
(3) Am I serving? (Matt 25:14-30)
(4) Am I sanctified? (1 Pet 1:13-16)
(5) Am I shining? (Matt 5:14-16)
(6) Am I standing? (Eph 6:10-20)
(7) Am I shielding? (Jude 1:3-4)
(8) Am I sacrificing? (2 Tim 4:6-8)

The following are some feedback from our participants:
- The theme is relevant to Christians. It helps us to reflect on our spiritual lives.
- A time of self-reflection on my spiritual walk.- Before the Conference, I thought the theme was straightforward. But after the Conference, I realised I need to check if my life was lived in light of God’s Word.
- The theme helped me to examine if my life manifests the fact that I am saved.
- I have to make sure of my salvation and my life must show the fruits of it through God’s Word.
- The CYC programme was great. Reflection was very useful.
- Quite tiring because of other camps in June. But it is a joy to study His Word more!

We had group discussions twice daily, with the exception of Friday and Saturday when we only had morning discussions. Morning devotions were by Dn Lim Seh Beng, who dealt with the following questions: (1) Fit for the race? (1 Cor 9:24-27), (2) Counting the cost? (Luke 14:27-30), and (3) Fit for the battle? (Luke 14:31-35).

Some feedback are as follows:
- There were much encouraging sharings from the group. This caused me to reflect more on the messages.
- Very encouraging, I learnt a lot.
- The discussion questions were simple but thought provoking.
- The discussion questions were good and very encouraging in the sense that I realised I am not alone in spiritual battle.

The three afternoons were filled with different activities, the first one being a workshop led by Bro Samuel Joseph on Interpersonal Relationships in the Church. Two discussions were led, with an exhortation given in between focussing on strife and contention in the church and their antidote(s). Thursday afternoon was a time of games and fun for the participants, while Friday afternoon was a time of door-to-door evangelism in the Teban Gardens area. Praise be to God for the seed that was sown and for the time of service that all participants could participate in. This was followed by a time of sharing within the respective discussion groups and corporate prayer for those who heard the gospel.

Our participants have this to say about the evangelism afternoon:
- It was good taking time off to serve the Lord in this area. I am encouraged by some receptive hearts.
- Even though I wasn’t able to share to anyone, I am encouraged to do it in the near future.
- A very good opportunity to go out and tell others of the gospel;
- Many closed doors, but thank God for those who took our tracts and listened to us
- Although I was a bit scared to share the gospel, I found the experience meaningful as I got to talk and discuss with other group members about evangelism.
- It was encouraging and a good reminder to always share the gospel.
- Thank God for the people who were willing to listen and for their open hearts.
- Being able to share the gospel with others helped to build up my courage further.

On the final night of the Conference, there was a time of sharing and thanksgiving to God by the participants. Many gave thanks to the Lord for the things that they learned and experienced through the Conference, and how the Lord had blessed them in many areas of their lives. This was then followed by a time of fellowship over supper. A portion of the following day was dedicated to a Question-and-Answer (Q&A) session where questions were posed to our conference speaker, Dr Jose, who patiently answered and explained from the Bible.

All in all, it is truly only by God’s grace that we have another blessed CYC. On behalf of the organising committee, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the Lord for guiding our footsteps, and for granting us wisdom to run this year’s Conference. It is my prayer that all participants have learnt much from His Word, and have been mutually encouraged by the sweet fellowship with like-minded brethren. May the Lord help us.

To God be the glory!

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